Top 3 Network Security Threats To Watch Out In 2020

In the last few years we have witnessed some of the most frequent & severe cyber security attacks against business in a wide range of industries. As security pros get ready for another record-thumping year of network violations & data security dangers, it’s essential that organizations make themselves alert of the newest cyber threats to make sure their security measures are up to par.

Here’s a list of the top 3 network security threats we forecast in 2020 & how your business can stay protected.

Drive-by Download Attacks:

Earlier, the best way to make sure that you did not catch a computer virus by downloading files from unreliable source. Sadly, today it isn’t that straight forward. A drive-by download is a type of attack that lets malicious code to be downloaded from a website via an app, browser, or integrated OS without any action on the user’s part.

You should keep your browser up-to-date to help recognize these malicious URLs prior to you surf them. Also you can make use of a secure search tool, intended to filter prospective threats & make sure you aren’t able to navigate to them.

Viruses & Worms:

Viruses are affixed to a system and can lay inactive until accidentally triggered by an event or timer. Worms infect spreadsheets, documents and other files by using macros. Once either one gets into your system, it’ll instantly start imitating itself, infecting networked system & insufficiently protected computer systems.

You should install anti-malware solutions on all networked devices to dramatically decrease the probability of contracting these viruses or letting them multiply. By identifying the threats early & containing them, you can remove these malicious programs before they prompt any damage. Moreover, IT pros should assertively keep software up-to-date, both on the end-user system & on core system computers. And users should be trained to steer clear of attacks such as phishing attacks.

Exploit Kits:

Hackers these days are looking for more automated ways of exploiting users systems. These kits are self-contained & available on the dark web. The attack works in different phases commencing with a scan of the user’s systems as soon as they steer to a landing page. If susceptibilities are found, the compromised website will then redirect web traffic to an exploit & ultimately the malicious payload.

Exploit kits are known to be circumspect, so finding them as they’re implemented needs the same techniques employed to guard against other sources of viruses and worms. Software solutions for this form of attack include antivirus & intrusion prevention, whereas human solutions include anti-phishing training for users.

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