Top 3 Reasons Why Both Sellers & Buyers Must Hire A Real Estate Agent

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Sellers and buyers are separate sides of the fence when it comes to home sales. What one is striving to accomplish is completely opposite to what the other wishes to see happen. The first generally wishes to buy the home whereas the others want to get a very high price. And yet, they share the same eventual goal. They wish a sale to happen.

Both parties can significantly benefit from hiring a Germantown MD realtor, but their purposes can be different.

It is all about money:

Consider this if you are considering going “FSBO” (for sale by owner) while listing your property. Obviously, you wish to get as much for their property as feasible, and you might assume that entails not splitting with additional commissions. But a study done in 2017 found that FSBOs earned nearly thirty percent less for their owners in comparison to agent-listed properties.

And you are perhaps going to pay a commission if your buyer is delineated by an agent. The buyer’s agent’s commission is usually factored into the deal – though you will still save on the commission you’d otherwise have disbursed your own agent.

And why not appoint an agent if you are the buyer? Ultimately, the seller is disbursing the commission, not you. Obviously, there is always a slender chance that the seller will deny to do so, but you can probably march on and see over other properties if it appears that this will be the case, though it can rely upon whether you are shopping in a sellers or buyers’ market and who has the advantage.

Attention to detail:

You might be far out of your element when it’s about reviewing & comprehending the various paper works concerned in a real estate contract, and you must have a meticulous insight of what you are getting into in spite of whether you are selling or buying.

Fortunately, your Realtor in Germantown MD will be far more recognizable with all these paper works than you are. If you are still thinking about saving money, remember that some omissions or mistakes in these paper works can cost you as much as that commission you were trying to avoid compensating.

Confidentiality, privacy and fiduciary duty:

Your realtor should be your biggest supporter whether you are a seller or buyer. Realtors have what is known as a “fiduciary” accountability to their customers. They lawfully obliged to put their customers’ best interests first.

Author: Aya Netanel

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