Top 5 Truckload Software to Choose From

The full truckload software is a management module of a transport management system. Full truckload management software is designed to deal with the loads, routes, and other logistics operations efficiently. The software is capable of serving up relevant info on a real-time basis to aid truckers make more money & save time.

Truckload software

Listed below are the top 5 truckload software available today:


Tailwind is a web-based trucking & freight software that possesses all the features required by freight brokerage, carrier, moving & storage, and freight forwarding firms. It aids small to medium-sized trucking firms & freight brokerages organize their business to enhance productivity. Some of the top features of Tailwind include but are not limited to customer & vendor database, equipment maintenance tracking, dispatch & shipment tracking systems, accounts receivable management, accounts payable management, etc.

NOVA Truckload Software:

Nova Truckload software is designed to fulfil the requirements of today’s diversified truckload carriers. There’s even a freight brokerage module within the truckload software that lets you broker excess freight or even handle your total brokerage division efficiently. The software will not just enhance life for your dispatchers & drivers, it’s also firmly integrated into your back office. It’s fully integrated with features like Billing and Rating, Document Imaging, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Fuel Tax, Driver Settlements, and Sales Analysis..just to name a few.


TruckingOffice is designed for owner operators & fleet builders to improve revenue, prepare invoices faster, and get on top of your transportation equipment repairs. The software will let you handle both dispatches & expenditures in one integrated solution. It’ll assure your invoices are always followed up on & your patrons are paying you what’s owed also, the software can track drivers & any maintenance required on the trucks in your fleet. Some top features of this truckload software include driver settlement management, driver management, fleet maintenance, IFTA reporting, invoice trucking, LTL dispatch, premium routing, truck tracking, dispatching, etc.

Prophesy OnDemand:

This is a leading trucking software for LTL carriers, brokers, private fleets and truckload carriers. It’s a web-based trucking & brokerage solution for small to medium trucking & brokerage firms. The software comes equipped with numerous features to tackle your dispatch, IFTA fuel tax reporting, ELD hours of service integration, load optimization, development, and integration needs.


If you are looking for a modern, easy-to-use and cost-effective trucking software, ezLoads can fit your bill. You can prepare driver payroll & settlements, invoice broker, acquire IFTA and Profit reports all-in-one space. Since it is web based, you can access it from any device.