Top Interesting Things to Know about Central Park New York

From New York horse carriage rides and lush green landscape to panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline, there are plenty of things to love about Central Park. Apart from some exciting things to do and see, there are many interesting facts to discover about Central Park that makes it one of the most popular urban park and tourist attractions in the world.

Central Park is one of the most visited locations in New York, loved by both locals and visitors. The park offers many attractions and activities to do and explore, like enjoying New York horse carriage rides, strolling through the conservatory garden, and more. There are some interesting facts about Central Park that may amaze you.

With the lush environment, numerous attractions, and exciting activities to do, there is no doubt that visiting Central Park is worth it.

There is a lot to know yet about Central Park! Let us explore the interesting facts about Central Parks! 

Lungs of New York City 

The 350- hectare Central Park is an immense green space that offers picturesque landscapes, like hills, lakes, rare plants, and more. Surrounded by skyscrapers and the building of Uptown, this park provides space for culture and relaxation. 

Discover the Lamp Posts Hidden Messages 

Do you know the lamp posts in Central Park are not like the ordinary ones? There are some hidden messages on the lamp posts that tell you the exact location inside the park. You will find that each Central Park lamp post displays a 4-digit number. It is used to know the location of a traveler. 

The Most Filmed Location in the World 

The beautiful landscape and alluring views make it the desired area to shoot network shows and motion pictures. Central Park has shown up in several motion pictures since 1908. 

It has become one of the most recorded parks on the planet. The park has been the background of battle scenes, melodic numbers, and more. 

You can spot Central Park in many TV programs that are shot in New York City. As a popular filming location, Central Park has featured in many movies. Here are a few films to name, such as Home Alone 2, Romeo and Juliet, When Harry meets Sally, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and Avengers.

our carriage was used in the movie Home Alone 2: Lost in New York in the year of 1992 and owner Neil Byrne played a small role in the movie!
our carriage was used in the movie Home Alone 2: Lost in New York in the year of 1992 and owner Neil Byrne played a small role in the movie!

USA’s Largest Museum is Here

One of the USA’s most visited and largest museums is located within this Park. You can visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art that holds some of the best collections of world-famous artisans and painters.

Belvedere Castle

The Belvedere Castle in Central Park offers a great spot to get some scenic views. The castle is located atop a small hill and overlooks Central Park. It was built to provide visitors and locals pavilions, a large terrace, and a miniature castle to view and admire Central Park from all directions. 

The Central Park Zoo Has Cow

Central Park has a small zoo that is home to over 1200 animals. In this park, you can find farm animals, like cows. Here you can also have a pleasant encounter with snow leopards, sea lions, Tufted Puffins, and other wildlife species.


There are several things to explore at New York City’s Central Park. You can sit, relax, enjoy New York City horse carriage rides, and indulge in many other exciting activities in Central Park. Come, visit, and have the utmost fun at Central Park! 

A horse carriage rides by blooming trees in New York City’s Central Park during springtime

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