Understanding The Significance Of Server Maintenance Service


Is the computer system of your organization not operating smoothly? Unable to detect the problem? Then you need to look for an experienced server maintenance service in New York as the server might be the culprit here. Curious what server maintenance is all about and why is it so important? Then read on:

What is Server Maintenance?

Server maintenance is the process that helps in keeping the server up to date and operational to ensure that the computer network of an organization is functioning effortlessly. Usually, the network administrator carries out this job. Server maintenance service is vital for the efficient performance of any business. If the server maintenance is overlooked, it might hamper the overall operation of your organization as the application software will slow down and in severe cases the network can experience complete failure. And all these may result in serious losses to your business.

Why Server Maintenance Matters?

Although the cloud has turned out to be a boon for organizations, it does not stop the server outages completely. Even if you have moved a certain part of your infrastructure to the cloud, there is a good chance that you are still running some servers on premise. So how to maintain the servers properly? Let’s take a look at a few tips for proper server maintenance:

  • Update your Operating System

First of all make sure that you are running an updated version of Windows that is supported by Microsoft with regular patch releases. Then you must keep that operating system up to date. Running non-patched servers will eventually hamper your entire organization’s computer system. The newer and updated versions of Windows offer users more control over when and how to apply the updates.

  • Give a Physical Clean to Your Server

Do you think keeping your server in a closed cabinet is enough to keep it clean? Of course that is a good start and if you are lucky enough to work with a company that offers server racks, cabinets and an ideal environment for all the servers of the company, then hats off to your CEO! However, even if your company provides all that your server cannot avoid the dust and dirt which can further degrade performance and reliability. The CPUs and GPUs of today will get degraded if they do not have sufficient cooling. Usually, advanced servers have powerful fans for keeping the air moving over and around the critical components. However, so much power will make the fans suck dirt and dust into the case. Therefore, you need to clean the servers physically on a regular basis.

  • Virtualization Can Make Server Maintenance Easy

In the world of technology today, we can virtualize almost any server. Virtualization of servers actually helps a lot as it is easy to spin up a backup VM nowadays. Merging multiple servers running on older hardware by virtualizing them on a new hardware will result in enhanced uptime.

  • Do Backup Verification

If you have scheduled server backups you are required to verify that the backup service is running appropriately. Usually, verifying the integrity of your backups is overlooked. There are a number of test recoveries that need to be run until you feel comfortable with the process. Backup verification is an essential part of the server maintenance service procedure.

So whenever hiring a server maintenance service in New York, make sure to ask them about their service in detail.


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