Use UNICLEANPLUS™: The Highest Quality Purging Compounds To Increase Product Efficiency

Industrial processes frequently face the obstacle of upholding equipment cleanliness and efficiency. This is where the application of Purging Compounds becomes crucial. When it comes to procuring Purging Compounds for your plastics processing company, there are numerous options available. Opting for a Purging Compound with the lowest cost per round may appear to be the most logical choice. But doing so comes with so many drawbacks.

A very low cost per purging round often indicates a subpar product! It may take longer to clean your machines. It will lead to higher scrap rates. It often requires more material to accomplish the job. And consume more time as well.

Not to mention, inferior products may not eliminate the contamination in the first place! When you add up these factors, the result is a higher cost per purge compared to a high-quality Purging Compound like UNICLEANPLUS™. It provides a resolution that optimizes processes and minimizes downtime. It can be a game-changer if you wish to enhance the overall turnover of your production unit.

Do you wonder selecting the right Purging Compound for your factory. Go with best one in the market. It’s important to understand what separates UNICLEANPLUS™ is a high-quality Purging Compound and how it is different from low-quality alternative. Let us delve into the world of high-quality Purging Compounds for Extruders (UNICLEANPLUS™) and learn how it revolutionizes your industrial processes.

Formulated To Clean Injection Melding Machines And Extruders
Occasionally, businesses attempt to categorize regrind, virgin resin, laundry detergent, and homemade concoctions as Purging Compounds. It is crucial to comprehend that these items do not qualify as Purging Compounds. A superior Purging Compound is a plastic resin compound that is meticulously developed. It will effectively cleanse all primary plastic machinery, including injection moulding machines, blow moulding machines and extruders. It can also be used to clear colour or carbon contamination from machines.

Material Affinity For The Products
Non commercial purging solutions may not have material compatibility. Advised to use UNICLEANPLUS™ Purging Material for the extruder. They are compatible with the material you’re purging. It guarantees thorough purges and minimizes the amount of residue left behind. It eliminates contamination buildup in your machines.

Low Residue
UNICLEANPLUS™ is a high-quality Purging Compound. It leaves behind little residue to make for quick and efficient purging. Are you experiencing repeated issues with residue in your machines? Use UNICLEANPLUS™. It is designed for residue-sensitive applications or low-temperature resins. It is formulated for lower residue and can be used in conjunction with other purging grades to reduce Purging Compound residue.

Diverse Product Grades
Purging Compounds are not one-size-fits-all. The Purging Compound you use depends on your specific process. UNICLEANPLUS™ is a high-quality Purging Compound for Extruders that offers product grade choices for different types of applications. It is perfect for engineering and super-engineering materials. Subpar Purging Compounds often have limited grade choices and may lack high-heat-grade alternatives.

Thermally Stable For Sealing
Sealing the screw and barrel with an appropriate Purging Compound is critical during machine shutdowns. UNICLEANPLUS™ works well in such situations. It removes any heat-sensitive resin residue remaining from your previous manufacturing process. It prevents oxygen from entering the barrel. It evacuates residual polymer that causes delays in machine startup and creates unnecessary material waste.

Opt for a Purging Compound that prioritizes quality over cost. Utilizing a superior product such as UNICLEANPLUS™ can enhance productivity. It minimizes the downtime and increase profitability. Is not wise to incorporate UNICLEANPLUS™ into your processes. Do it to streamline your production process, bring improvement over efficiency and cost-effectiveness.