Useful Things to Remember For Monthly Garage Door Inspection


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Annual garage door maintenance can help prolong the performance of your overhead door in Rockville, MD, or the Maryland, DC area. Even if there are no apparent issues, you must always schedule a maintenance service once or twice a year. It ensures that the garage door is in perfect working order. You can avoid accidents, break-ins, and property damage if you do so.

The garage door is the most moving part of a home or commercial area. Even the sturdiest & expensive garage doors require routine maintenance. Like any other door, lubrication and spring tension adjustment are essential routine procedures that you must do to keep the garage door in its best shape. It is better to do something about it now. Otherwise, you will display symptoms that need extensive garage door service repair. You may do a monthly routine check-up to ensure your overhead door does not act out. Here are a few things to remember when inspecting your garage door every month!

Check to know any unusual noise

One of the first things you should try to find out on your routine inspection is getting to know how your garage door sounds. A healthy garage door has a smooth sound that distinguishes it from one with issues. Over time, overhead doors will generate obnoxious noises. One of the first symptoms that your garage door needs to be serviced is unusual noises. It may be time to contact a Rockville, MD garage door repair company. Your repair may be less expensive if you discover the noise source sooner.

Check for gaps

A properly sealed garage door is indispensable for protecting the security of your home. Gaps below your garage door or between panels allow the weather from outside to come in. Furthermore, it may endanger your belongings and increase your energy cost. When the temperature becomes colder, keeping a tight seal is even more crucial. First, check to see if your overhead door closes completely, with no gaps in the door or between the door and the ground. If you cannot resolve the problem, contact a garage door repair service in Rockville, MD to evaluate your garage door as soon as possible. Professional garage door installation in Rockville, MD, could save you the hassle.

Examine your remote control

Many garage doors fail as a result of remote-control faults. Because you use your remote control daily, it gets a lot of use. As a result, garage door buttons are prone to wear and tear, rendering them useless. If the garage door malfunctions due to remote control, then it is time to call the garage door repair in Maryland, DC, to check your garage door remote for malfunctions. They can either fix it or replace it with a new one.

Check the automatic reverse system

For safety, most garage doors incorporate an auto-reverse feature. Check this feature every month to see if this is working correctly. It prevents accidents, especially for small kids and pets. If the garage door does not move in the desired direction, you should contact a professional immediately. Similarly, if the garage door does not modify its approach when it comes into contact with the block of wood, you should get a professional garage door repair in Germantown. They will clean & align the sensors and fix if there is any other issue in one visit.


These are some things you can do every month to keep your overhead door in perfect condition. Unfortunately, like other mechanical items, the mechanical parts of garage doors break down eventually. It is time you need professional service to fix your garage door repair & installation in Rockville, MD. Experienced garage door service providers have been serving the area for decades and look forward to making you one of their happy customers.

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