What Are the Best Lipstick Shades For Dark Skin Medium Brown Tones


Gone are the days when dark or brown skin was looked down upon. Nowadays, dark skin is considered sexy, glamorous, and gorgeous. But like all other types of skin, dark skinned women too require the best touch up to bring forth their true beauty. The right lipstick shade can make or break your look, regardless of your complexion.

In the makeup world, lipstick is the most essential makeup product in every woman’s vanity but also choosing the right lipstick shades for dark skin tone is a long and difficult task. Picking the correct lipstick for dusky skin & applying the perfect shade can intensify your look while the incorrect lipstick shade for dark or brown skin can make you look washed out & ashy. So, picking the best lipstick for dark skin medium brown tones is really important.

Prior to suggesting a few best lipstick shades for brown skin, we’d like to tell you that earth-toned colours look the best on brown skin tones. Though there are innumerable lipsticks for dark skin, check out either of these below listed shades:

  • Red – Red is the cult favourite lip colour for all women across the globe. Red lipsticks for brown skin look hot and sensuous on most brown girls out there.
  • Copper brown – This shade can work wonder for all sorts of events.
  • Taupe – This shade is tailor-made for women with a darker complexion
  • Nudes– While buying a nude lipstick, go for a brownish pink shade. Warm nudes are perfect for warm undertones. Go with a mauve & pink-brown nudes if you’ve a cool undertone in your skin.
  • Chocolate Brown – Want to look vampy yet classy? Try chocolate brown shade now.
  • Magenta – As far as the pink spectrum is concerned, magenta will look fabulous on brown skin tones as it’s a mixture of flattering pinks and reds for your skin.

Every skin tone is different & gorgeous in its own way. When it comes to brown skin makeup, you’ve to pick the perfect foundation & lipstick shade as a part of your go-to makeup products in your kit. Luckily, so many brands have launched wider varieties of foundation shades with diverse undertones and multiple lipstick colors for brown skin. However, we feel one lipstick shade seems completely different for someone else due to different skin and lip undertones one has. One must always try & sample the lipstick on either their lips or their chin to find out the ideal shade that fits them. Deeper & bright shades of colours from the red and pink spectrum look beautiful on brown beauties.