What are the Best Places to Visit on Bhubaneswar Tour?

Bhubaneswar is one of the most famous destinations in India. The Odisha capital is well-known as “Temple City”. This magnificent city boasts everything from architectural wonders to natural beauty. Take a look at this post and know why booking Bhubaneswar sightseeing package makes really sense.

Planning a trip in Bhubaneswar? There are a few best things to do and see in Bhubaneswar. Check out a few best places you should add to your Bhubaneswar tour to make it worthwhile:

Udayagiri and Khandagiri

Udayagiri and Khandagiri have some of the finest specimens of rock cut architecture. Both these places have ornately carved out caves built for Jain monks that date back to 2nd century BC. Udayagiri has 18 caves whereas Khandagiri has 15 caves. You’ll find several ancient inscriptions from this period including the Hathigumpha inscription.

Lingaraj Temple

Dating back to 1000 AD, Lingaraj Temple is the home to the Kalinga style architecture developed in Odisha. This beautiful is nowhere better manifested than any other temples. It’s dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Lingaraj Temple is built of laterite and sandstone and is the most fascinating as well as the largest temple in Bhubaneswar. The architectural splendor is second to none. Visitors of non-Hindu origin are not allowed inside the temple.

Odisha State Museum

Odisha State Museum is the treasure trove of artifacts that highlight the glorious history of state and dynasties ruled for centuries. Founded in 1948, this museum is the home to extensive selection of rare to find palm leaf manuscripts, Bronze Age tools, Buddhist and Jain sculptures, and folk musical instruments. The museum is perfectly maintained and is well-worth to visit at least once in a lifetime.

Rajarani Temple

Rajarani Temple symbolizes perfection, beauty and grace. It’s considered as a masterpiece by many archeologists and most people refer to it as a Love Temple. This temple has some erotic carvings on the walls; but has no presiding deity. Rajarani Temple remains open from sunrise to sunset.

Mukteswar Temple

Mukteswar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the beautiful gem of Odisha. The temple has exquisite carvings and sculptures adorning the temple. They look extremely charming and spellbinding.

The beautifully designed Mukteswar Temple is important for study of the development of Hindu temples in Odisha. This temple marks the culmination of all earlier artistic initiatives and stylistic development of temple architecture throughout Odisha.


Pipli is only 15 kilometers away from Bhubaneswar and is a small village that you shouldn’t miss out on your Bhubaneswar tour. Pipli is engulfed in a variety of colors owing to colorful applique work that the village specializes in.


Dhauli is situated on the banks of River Daya and is presumed to be the destination where the famous Kalinga War was fought. It’s the place driven by the horrors of war by King Asoka and embraced Buddhism.

After that, Dhauli is emerged as a well-known Buddhist pilgrimage center throughout the country. On the top of the hill, a Shanti Stupa or a white peace pagoda was built by the Japan Buddha Sangha and the Kalinga Nippon Buddha Sangha in the 1970s.

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Are you thinking to book Odisha tourism packages? If yes, then go ahead with this decision. Do a thorough research on Bhubaneswar sightseeing package and itineraries and make a right reservation as soon as possible.

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