What are the Common Residential Electrical Issues and Solutions?

Electricity is essential for most of our daily tasks. If it is your home, you should maintain electrical safety to avoid unwanted incidents. There is a possibility of facing electrical issues at one point or another.

Here are the most common household electrical issues that you should know! You can contact professional residential electrical contractors to get the best solutions.

Electrical or Transient Surges

Surges occur due to poor house wiring, faulty appliances, or lightning strikes. Electrical surges are common and appear for a split second. If you experience frequent electrical surges, it can lead to equipment damage or degrade the life expectancy of electrical devices.

It would help if you relied on experienced electricians to check the home grid or the wiring. The expert electricians disconnect the poor quality electrical devices or boards from the outlet or do the needful to fix the issue.

Changing Bulbs Frequently 

Are you changing the light bulbs frequently? Maybe you are not buying good quality light bulbs! It is not only about blaming the bulbs! Frequent bulb burnout may be due to poor wiring, high voltage, more wattage, or improper air circulation.

You can consult an expert electrician to get the best solution that saves you from throwing away another burnout bulb!

Backstabbed Wires or Outlet 

A backstabbed outlet is a shortcut to secure the wires in a switch or outlet. Nowadays, experienced electricians avoid backstabbed outlets at all costs. The electrical cables are pretty loose in backstabbed outlets, which is dangerous for your home. Loose electrical wires can cause an interruption in power, damage to the outlet, or electrical fires.

If your home has a backstabbed outlet, contact an electrician to inspect it, identify all backstabbed outlets, and repair it.

High Energy Bills 

Are you witnessing a substantial rise in your electricity bills? High electricity bills can be a matter to consider if your energy consumption is less!

There are many reasons for high electricity bills:

  • Damaged circuits and wires in your home
  • Outdated electrical devices consume more power
  • Electrical systems leakage

An electrician can help you assess the energy efficiency of your home. If required, you can upgrade or replace your electrical equipment, which can help lower your electricity bills down the line.


You may experience tripping when high-power-consuming devices are used before plugging in a microwave or toaster. Tripping means your home is protected.

The reason you experience tripping circuit breaker:

  • Short Circuit
  • Overloaded Circuit
  • Ground Fault
  • Arc Fault

No Residual Current Circuit Breaker or RCCB

A Residual Current Circuit Breaker is a device used to detect a current leak and prevent low. The RCCB device automatically turns off if there is a leakage when the current flows abnormally.

It is a must to have an RCCB device at home to reduce the chances of electrical shocks. You can install RCCB at your home by a professional electrician.

Dips and Sags in Power 

When you use low-quality power grids, it draws more power than what the device can handle. It causes sags and dips. Sags and dips happen due to faulty power grip and are similar to surges.

If you want improved lighting or power use, consult an electrician to get your power checked.

Flickering lights 

It is a dangerous electrical issue, a sign of a faulty connection, overheating, or fire. If you experience flickering lights, immediately call the electrician to stay safe with the right solution.


An expert electrician should address every electrical issue to ensure everyone’s safety! Do not be a DIY daredevil to fix the electrical problems! Rely on the local electrical contractors to get the most experienced electricians in South Florida to safely handle and fix the issues. The expert electricians have the necessary tools and expertise to tackle these common electrical issues.

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