What Are The Topmost Kids’ Dirt Bikes You Like To Have For Your Kids In 2021

You have a wide range of dirt bike models when looking at some most popular power bike models for kids. Kids will love to ride such dirt bike models and have some good times or fun on the trails and tracks. All such is proven to be relatively maintenance-free and offers the most out of your investment. Featured below are a few top dirt bike models that you must like to buy for your kids.

Apollo Jumpfun Sedna 12 Electric Dirt Bike – It is a fantastic powersports bike that comes in 24V80W Brush Motor and 24V150W Brush Motor, Aluminum alloy frame, steel fork, rear drum brake, chain transmission, and can run eight mph. It is coming in different colors, unbeatable price and also one year guarantee. If you have questions or want to know more about the Apollo Jumpfun – Sedna 12 Electric Dirt Bike, contact the authorized dealer and online supplier today!

Ice Bear Holeshot (PAD50-1) & Holeshot-X (PAD50-2) Dirt Bike- 50.53cc, 2 Stroke engine, fully automatic, 10″ alloy wheels, pull start chain drive, Front/Rear disk brake, EPA approved dirt bike available at unbeatable prices.

TrailMaster Mini Bike Storm 200- A minibike equipped with a powerful 196cc, 6.5 HP, four-stroke air-cooled engine, chain drive, 25.2″ seat height fit for younger kids and adults. The top speed is 25 miles per hour.

 Apollo DB-25 – It is the most popular model, featuring a 70cc four-stroke engine with fully automatic transmission, high-strength steel frame perfect for the starter’s rider. It has training wheels, that you can remove after mastering the ride or feel comfortable in operating. The 25-inch height seat is ideal for kids, and its electric start is easy and reliable to start your journey. It also comes with an assortment of colors as well.

Apollo DB-21 – This dirt bike model featured a 70cc four-stroke single-cylinder engine that starts with a simple kick. It is pretty reliable for your kid’s ride and virtually maintenance-free. Its semi-automatic transmission helps the beginners stay in the lower gears and progress up to the higher range as their comfort level rises. It also features a 25-inch seat height and also has removable training wheels as well.

Tao DB10 – It is a popular model specifically for beginning riders. It comes with a 110cc four-stroke engine and an automatic transmission option. Its 26-inch height seat, electric start, reliable disc brakes stopping power that make your ride comfortable and safe. It has all-terrain tires, and it also comes with a complete suspension package.

Tao DB20- It is a popular model that consists of a fully automatic 107CC, Air-cooled, 4-Stroke, Single-Cylinder, front and rear hydraulic disc brake, 12v battery, electric start, and chain drive dirt bike for kids. It also comes with advanced all-terrain tires and a complete suspension package. It has an electric start and disc brakes and comes in various colors the kids will love.

Apollo DB-28 – It is a fully automatic transmission 110cc four-stroke engine model dirt bike best for your kid’s riding adventure. It features both front and rear disc brakes and also comes with an electric start format. It also comes in numerous colors that your kids must love to ride. A more petite frame and low 25-inch seat height keep this motorcycle small enough for kids. It helps them to maneuver easily while riding off-road and its full suspension makes it easy to move easily on rugged terrain or trails.

Apollo DB-27 – Comes with the semi-automatic transmission, kick start 110cc four-stroke engine. Provide excellent riding control, and the 4-gear semi-automatic transmission gives skilled riders more control over the machine, and its disc brakes give superb stopping power. It is suitable for generating a great riding experience for young riders. Its color choice also makes the kids excited.

Vitucci DB-S60- It is an automatic small 60cc kid’s dirt bike with removable training wheels. It is designed especially for kids that wish to learn to ride! It looks like a miniature version of a full-size motocross dirt bike! The high-strength steel frame is sized small, and the entire front and rear suspension accommodate 10-inch wheels,25-inch seat height to provide over 5 inches of ground clearance! It comes in several colors, and small children find it easy to climb on. Its air-cooled, 4-stroke engine is durable and easy to maintain as well.


These are a few kids’ dirt bikes from among the excellent selection of dirt bikes for kids aged 3-15. The leading, licensed, and bonded authorized power sports dealer established in Texas pride on offering superior quality kids dirt bikes at prices that you can afford. The dirt bike collections they have designed are good for little riders. They also look forward to helping clients find the right product that provides years of enjoyment for you and your family.