What is ABA’s Opinion 483 Meant for Lawyers?


In response to the ever-present threat of cyberattacks, the American Bar Association (ABA) issued Formal Opinion 483 in October 2018, which is meant to address the obligations imposed on lawyers to protect the data of their client. The opinion summarises specific “rational” steps the American Bar Association believes lawyers must take in the event of a data breach to fulfil the compulsions described in the ABA’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct.

The Opinion summarises the current realism that all corporations are expected to be targets for cyber incidents, but especially law firms, which regularly cater as wardens of extremely sensitive client information. The Opinion further emphasizes latest articles and data incidents articulating that law firms are especially targeted for information to exploit.

In general, the American Bar Association Opinion 483 recognizes 6 ABA Model Rules that might be involved in the event of data breach:

Model Rule 1.1: A lawyer must offer proficient illustration to a client, including implementing the necessary skill, legal knowledge, diligence and groundwork practically essential for the representation.

Model Rule 1.4: A lawyer must keep the client soundly informed regarding the standing of the matter. They must explain matters to help clients make an educated decision about the representation.

Model Rule 1.6: A lawyer mustn’t breach privacy of information. They must take essential steps to make sure the information of the client is safeguarded against illegal access.

Model Rule 1.15: Need lawyers to properly protect clients’ documents & property.

Model Rule 5.1: It comes under the lawyer’s accountability to take all essential steps to make sure correct measures are in place to obey the Rules of Professional Conduct.

Model Rule 5.3: Needs that lawyers in managerial capacities make sensible efforts to make sure that any non-lawyer’s conduct is well-tuned with the professional compulsions of the lawyer.


Cyberattacks are changing constantly, and even the most attentive lawyer can face a data breach. Adopting a professional security program, installing threat monitoring tools, giving an employee training program, and testing your incident response plan will drastically improve your capability to weather a cyberattack and fulfil the obligations set forth in American Bar Association opinion 483.

Get in touch with a cybersecurity service provider who can comprehend the details of Opinion 483. Such a service provider can develop a comprehensive service pack to make sure your law firm not just oblige by the Opinion but enjoy the advantages of following the obligations to increase stakeholders’ confidence & better brand reputation.

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