What Makes Square Shaped Toilet Seat Popular – A Sneak Peek

Toilet Seats

The washroom decor has come a long way in last few decades in terms of advancement in aesthetics as well as technology. Few years back washrooms weren’t given that priority when it came to its design and aesthetic appeal. But today people try their best to make their washrooms look dynamic and bold while multi-functional. Hence, they incorporate the best possible  accessories including stylish and elegant toilet seats.

If you want to enhance your existing washroom and planning to refurbish it or want to design it in a contemporary manner then you must be thinking of incorporating washroom accessories like sensor taps and hand dryers along with wash troughs and full height cubicles. But have you thought of changing your toilet seat? Whether your answer is yes or no, you must consider adding square shaped toilet seat among all modern trappings. You must be wondering why go for square shaped toilet seat instead of usual shapes! ThenĀ  take a look at the following features of square shaped toilet seat that make it a great choice:

Smart Finish with Clean Lines

To begin with the square shape toilet offers a well-built contemporary aesthetic. Its sharp and clean lines make it more attractive and unique, which further transforms your dull and boring washroom into an elegant, modern and multi-functioning space. Whether it is a commercial setup where you want to offer a welcoming ambiance to customers and visitors or for enhancing general user experience at your home, the square shaped toilet is the best choice.

Wall Hung Shape that Redefines Style

You will find a wide selection of wall hung and back to wall toilets that are square shaped which redefine style while leaving the floor clean underneath the toilet as these are installed like a floating shelf. And as the floor remains clear the room appears spacious and is easy to clean. Moreover, the shape of the toilet pan follows the lines of the cubicle offering it a stronger, decisive look. That is why; square shaped toilet is quite popular in the hospitality sector along with shopping malls, visitor centres and event venues. However, you can incorporate square shaped toilet seat in your home as well to make it look modern and appealing.

Enhanced Comfort

One of the most common questions that most people ask is – Are square shaped toilet seats comfortable enough? Although most of us are used to circular and oval shaped toilets, the square shaped toilet seat is more comfortable that the conventional shapes. It is because a square shaped toilet seat delivers more support underneath the thighs when seated just like a chair. Also, the opening within the square toilet seat is larger than that of the conventionally shaped toilet seats, while the ergonomic lines of the toilet seat offers the same level of comfort over long periods. Hence, if you want to impose a bold and elegant look to your washroom while making it comfortable and multi-functioning, then square shaped toilet seat is your best bet. So square it up today!