What To Consider Before Landscaping Your New Home On The Gold Coast


When commencing the process of landscaping a new home, it is critical to consider each aspect of the process. Before you officially start landscaping your new home on the Gold Coast, here are a few very important things to consider.

Landscaping Gold Coast

Take the following requirements into consideration:

When building or landscaping a new home, you must keep in mind the different landscape requirements. A landscape concept plan will help provide peace of mind before the first sod is turned and to make sure you have adhered to council and building code requirements.

Agreeing to a landscape plan will create a smooth construction process and help to avoid possible delays. Some of the landscape requirements you must consider when building your new home encompass:

  • Council permits, body corporate/covenant rules and boundary restrictions
  • Aesthetics to ensure continuity of the building design
  • Practicality of your outdoor areas
  • Adequate drainage
  • Intelligent choice of trees/plants to soften the landscape that won’t create future problems

Taking these factors into consideration early and submitting your plans in a prompt way can assure that if there are any problems with your design, you can sort them out prior to the project beginning and your landscaping installation can run smoothly.

Choosing a reliable landscaping contractor:

When it comes to landscaping your new home on the Gold Coast, choosing a reliable contractor is a very important factor. While looking for a contractor, it is critical to consider not just for how long they have been in the industry but also their online reviews (such as Google or Yelp Reviews), warranty of work and overall reputation. Making sure that the landscapers working on your project are licenced and qualified is also vital. The certification assures that the skills of your landscapers have been tested & proven to be the best in the industry.

Choosing plants:

Plant selection is no doubt one of the more fun aspects of planning your new home landscaping, though it must be done with much planning. For instance, Would you like a continuous theme? Do you prefer foliage to flowering species?  Do you require screening or shade? or plants that will conserve water? Do edibles such as vegetables or fruit trees appeal to you? Will a feature tree create a striking impact for your new home? All of these are very important features when choosing your plants.

Maintenance needs:

No landscape is totally free of maintenance requirements. However, the amount of maintenance time and cost  that you are prepared to spend is critical to take into consideration. Discuss time limits & any maintenance related concerns with your landscapers before plans are made.

There’s so much to consider when planning your New Home Landscaping on the  Gold Coast. Luckily, there are industry certified landscape contractors who are ready to guide you through. Get in touch with your local landscaping contractor on the Gold Coast now to discuss your project.