What to expect during gorilla trekking in Uganda

When you plan a vacation to Africa, gorilla trekking comes second on the bucket list, having a Big 5 game drive in the first place. However, gorilla trekking in Uganda is an adventure and excitement which you should not miss while on vacation to Africa.

Let us see what you can expect during gorilla trekking in Uganda.

The experience during gorilla trekking

gorilla trekking uganda

It is wise to know what you are about to experience when you venture out for gorilla trekking. Before the trekking, you will meet your guide, and the guide will make you understand the route, what your behavior needs to be when you come in contact with the gorillas and what you should not do during the trek.

The path to follow through the forest can be challenging and arduous; however, it is not that you need to have the exceptional physical fitness to walk through. Of course, it is possible to get muddy, and you will sweat. However, after reading this, if you back out of having a gorilla trek, it will be the biggest mistake you will make.

After the journey through the forest, you will come in front of those huge mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. It is not possible to express the excitement and adventure through words. You can only experience that if you are gorilla trekking in Uganda.

gorilla trekking uganda

The guides accompanying you know precisely where the gorillas are on that particular day and will take you to that spot. If you feel uncomfortable carrying your baggage in that rough terrain, you can hire a local porter.

The experience of being in front of a gorilla family in their natural habitat is nothing less adventurous and exciting than watching a lion running after prey. Of course, there will not be any close contact with the gorillas; however, you can sit there for some time and watch them play. It is an experience that you will never forget in your life.

The ideal time to go for gorilla trekking in Uganda 

The perfect time to venture out for gorilla trekking is during July and September and December and March.

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