What to expect from the best Masai Mara safari packages

Masai Mara Safari Packages

It is best to know what you can expect from the best Masai Mara safari packages before you book one.

The Masai Mara National Reserve is undoubtedly the most famous wildlife destination. It’s world-renowned for its exceptional wildlife populations, not to mention the great wildebeest migration. It’s a must-see for safari-goers and a must-have on your bucket list.

What to expect on a Masai Mara safari

  • An abundance of wildlife

The Masai Mara reserve is home to spectacular natural wildlife diversity, making it the best wildlife destination in Africa. It hosts Africa’s famous Big Five: lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, and buffalo, as well as an abundance of other wildlife, including giraffe, cheetah, zebra, wildebeest, gazelle, antelopes, ostrich, hyena, and many more. The wildlife is easy to spot here because of its open endless plains.

  • The Great Migration

The annual wildebeest migration is the largest herd movement of animals on the planet. Over 1.2 million wildebeest and 300,000 zebra and gazelle move in a constant cycle through the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem in search of fresh grazing and water. It is one of the most sought-after wildlife experiences and is known as the greatest show on earth.

  • Birdlife

The Masai Mara has recorded over 470 species of birds and 47 species of birds of prey. You will find birds such as Ground Hornbills, Giant Kingfishers, Saddle-Billed Storks, Grey Heron, Martial Eagle, Pygmy Falcon, Bateleur, and many more. This is truly a haven for birdwatchers.

  • Maasai village

The Masai Mara reserve belongs to the Maasai tribal people, who live there with their families and cattle. They are among the best-known local populations internationally due to their residence near the many game parks. Visit a traditional village to experience authentic Maasai culture, including traditional dance performances, vibrant clothing, and beautifully crafted handwork.

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