Where to Parasail In the City of Dubai

From a distance, being bowed to the parachute and tugged by a vessel in the open sea may look too frightening. But the fact is, once you’re up there in the cool sea breeze, swinging gently to the melody of the wind, and enjoying the remarkable aerial sights of earth, nothing can bring you down.

Dubai, with its stunning coastline, sky-high modern buildings, and most importantly, the Palm, is undoubtedly one of the finest destinations across the globe to opt for a parasailing tour. And, like any other tourist activity, the city provides numerous options to tourists to enjoy its magnificence from a completely different outlook.

Not sure where to parasail in Dubai? Listed below are the names of a few popular parasailing spots Dubai has on offer.

Jumeirah Beach:

Home to nearly two-thirds of the water sports operators in Dubai and plenty of luxury hotels, Jumeirah beach is surely a lavish holiday destination of Dubai. The beach displays splendid sights of Persian Gulf complemented by picture-perfect sundown backdrop, which makes it a perfect site for a laidback and entertaining parasailing adventure. Soaring above the Arabian Gulf you will relish the view of Dubai Marina, Palm Island and other amazing sights off the shoreline of this top-class city.

JBR Beach:

JBR beach is recognized for its major locations having over 30 lofted towers, including top-notch boutique hotels in Dubai and splendid private properties. Numerous water sports firms operate here with their personalized parasailing sessions. Experience Dubai and witness the stunning skyline of JBR beach from a completely different perspective. Enjoy aerial sights of Palm Island and Dubai Marin as you fly over the Arabian Gulf.

Al Sufouh Beach:

If you are looking for one of the most serene & tranquil Beaches in Dubai for your parasailing adventure, it has to be Al Sufouh Beach. Also known as Black Palace Beach, Al Sufouh Beach is clustered by tourists all through the year and you can easily come in touch with many tour operators offering parasailing tours. This beach is perfect for you if you’re seeking a place that you can explore beyond parasailing and water activities.

Burj Beach:

With the enthralling backdrop of Burj Ai Arab in the background, Burj Beach is one of the busiest beaches in the beautiful city of Dubai. Locals and tourists who’re water sport lovers are regular visitors of this beach. There’re many tour operating companies present along the shoreline that offer wonderful parasailing deals.

Now that we have covered all you need to know to go for a parasailing tour in Dubai, get ready for a voyage packed with adventure & stunning sights of the city from above.

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