Why Buy Organic Casual Dress for Children | Indie Project Store

When it comes to little children’s casual outfits, parents are more sensible and alert than ever. They want their comfort zone. And talking about the kids’ fashion, there come many new styles of baby clothes for casual wear. And along with the trend, it is equally important to choose a suitable fabric for a casual dress for a child.

Parents around the world have understood the benefits and importance of organic clothes for their newborns and have started adopting natural fibres as the preferred textile choice for their little ones.

At Indie Project Store, we stock a wide range of organic casual dress for child that is crafted keeping comfort and effortless style in mind. By adopting fabrics created from natural fibres, parents can ensure that their babies wear clothes that are not only safe but also healthy and comfortable. Organic clothing offers you, your baby, and the world a host of benefits that their conventional inorganic counterparts do not offer.

But it is important first to understand what is wrong with conventional or non-organic cotton.

What’s wrong with non-organic, conventional cotton?

Conventional cotton is grown with GMO seeds, insecticides, pesticides that are harmful to people and the environment. During the production process of such clothes, there is a larger use of harmful toxic chemicals which are known to cause rashes, allergies, and even respiratory problems. These chemicals can also get absorbed through the skin. And children are the most vulnerable ones to such chemical exposure.

What makes organic cotton a great material for casual dress for child?

For babies and younger children, organic cotton host a greater range of benefits like –

  • It is kinder and softer to your child’s skin.
  • It brings more comfort to your child during sleep and playtime. In addition, the more it is washed, the softer it gets softer.
  • It is mould-resistant and ceases the growth of microorganisms.
  • Since the fibres have not been damaged by chemicals during the production process, the cotton quality stays much superior.so, the organic casual dress for children lasts longer than those made of conventional cotton.
  • Conventional cotton that has been subjected to toxic chemicals and pesticides is often coarse and scratchy. But an organic fibre is free from any toxic chemicals and pesticides which ensures that
  1. The child stay discomfort free
  2. The baby is not inhaling anything toxic
  3. The infants have fewer chances of developing any skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema, or other allergies

It is important to dress your baby in chemical-free clothes, as at this age their skin is more sensitive than adults. Organic cotton is ideal when choosing the best fibre for casual dress for children, in which they can sleep and play in comfort.

Discover a wide range of organic clothing that is sustainable, environmentally friendly, ethical, and beautiful too with Indie Project Store. To check out our collection of sustainable, soft organic cotton clothing for babies and children, visit us today!