Why Do You Buy Neolayr E Hand Cleanser for Hand Hygiene?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), keeping hands clean is an important step to consider to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others. Most harmful bacteria and viruses spread through improper hand hygiene.

Therefore, hand hygiene is must for everyone working and spending time with family to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria to keep yourself and your family healthy.

What is the significance of washing hands?

Washing hands thoroughly and frequently will keep you and your loved ones healthy. Using soap and water removes germs from hands and eliminates infection.

Frequently, people touch their face, nose, eyes, and mouth without even realizing. Germs can enter through the body through touching your face; so cleaning hands is important. Germs live on unhealthy places including your hands that can get on food and drinks when you cook or eat.

Germs developing on your unwashed hands can transfer onto surfaces like your children’s toys, doorknobs or handrails. Now all of us are living through a trying time with the COVID-19 pandemic and washing hands is important to stay healthy.

How do you wash your hands properly?

Washing your hands properly is imperative to stay healthy during this COVID-19. Fortunately, the right hand hygiene technique is quite easy to learn. Here are a few simple steps to make sure that your hands remain clean and tidy:

  • Remove any jewelry on your arms or hands if you’ve worn any. Use warm running water to wet your hands.
  • Take soap and apply it to your hands making a soapy lather. Do the process for around 20 seconds. You should be careful that you keep the lather and suds going. Get the palms and backs of your hands and start cleaning in between fingers.
  • Wash your hands by using warm running water.
  • Take a paper towel to wipe your hands and use the same towel to turn off the tap.

What should you use other than soap and water?

Apart from using soap and water, it’s highly suggested to use alcohol-based hand sanitizer. You should make sure that you use a sanitizer that comprises of more than 60% alcohol content.

Generally, you will find a comprehensive range of hand sanitizers available online to choose from for your hand hygiene requirements. When it comes to buying a hand sanitizer online, you should look no further than NEOLAYRE Hand Cleanser.

Understanding  NEOLAYR E Hand Cleanser

NEOLAYR E Hand Cleanser is an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and is complying with the formulation for a WHO recommended hand rub formulation, rub-in hand disinfectant and sanitizer. This hand cleanser works effectively against germs, viruses and bacteria.

The hand sanitizer is hygienic and effective enough to use during routine, high risk and outbreak situations. It has bactericidal, mycobactericidal, yeasticidal and virucidal properties. The hand cleanser works immediately and delivers reliable and long lasting anti-microbial effects.

NEOLAYR E hand cleanser comes with good skin tolerability and replenishing properties that help you prevent skin dryness. It’s ready to use anytime without water. This cleanser doesn’t need towel drying and can be used conveniently and frequently as required.

You can use this hand cleanser for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection purposes. It has 80% ethanol v/v, making it an ideal alcohol based hand sanitizer available online. NEOLAYR E Hand Cleanser comprises of aloe veraexract, ethanol, purified water, glycerin and hydrogen peroxide.

So, what are you waiting for? Consider buying this hand sanitizer online and stay safe and protected from novel coronavirus!

This article is written by NEOLAYR, a brand which specializes in providing an innovative solution in dermatology including proven and safe hand sanitizer online.