Why Do You Buy Solar Stor Residential Solar Water Tanks?

Generally, a solar tank plays a key role in a solar hot water system. More often, people overlook the type and size of solar tanks. When it comes to investing in solar water tanks, SolarStor Hot Water Tanks are highly performing and efficient systems used in residential water heating kits. These tanks are manufactured in the USA and UL certified. They come with a top and bottom internal heat exchanger as well as a 4.5 KW backup heating element. 

These tanks ensure much more options for solar hot water systems. However, you can have both pre-heat and a supplemental tank. A supplemental tank allows you to use only a tank and during the poor solar periods, the electric element supplies solar energy. It means when you invest in a solar hot water system, you don’t need to buy two tanks and will get much better payback. 

Why Do You Invest in Residential Solar Water Tanks?

Residential solar water tanks are different from ordinary hot water tanks and are a significant part of a well-designed residential solar water heating system. They aim to provide thermal storage to produce solar energy. These tanks work the same as a battery in a solar PV kit. 

Previously, most DIY users converted their regular tanks to storage tanks by using drain ports and the T&P valve port as opening and working an external heat exchanger on the tank. These systems result in lots of issues like thermos ports for temperature measurement. Working with the T&P valve is against the CSA and UL codes which make the systems potentially dangerous. 

Internal Heat Exchanger –

Currently, the residential solar water tank comes with a heat exchanger built internally to deliver the best possible heat exchange solutions directly inside the potable water. The insulation in a solar storage tank is much better than standard water tanks as the tanks may require storing energy for not sunny days. 

Another unique feature of a solar water tank is that direct thermos ports are present inside the tank. It allows the solar controller to measure the water temperature inside the system more accurately. SolarStor water tanks are available with both top and bottom thermo ports for two sensors. 

How Do You Size the Residential Solar Water Tanks? 

All UL and CSA certified solar tanks have maximum listings of 120 gallons for residential uses. This proportion is large enough for a family with 8 people. It can be added to a three collector solar heating system. Again if you’re looking for a larger solution, you can choose a commercial solar tank. But it comes with a hefty price and won’t fit through a standard 32” doorway. 

If you really want to get more storage, you can consider combining different storage tanks to make a larger bank of batteries. You can add them in a parallel fashion while giving you an affordable way to double up the storage capacity for applications that require more amount of heat energy like space heating purposes. Rest assured that, these residential storage tanks come with 7 years of warranty. 

Bottom Line –

It’s time to consider investing in SolarStor water storage tanks for residential water heating purposes. They provide you with optimal thermal storage and efficiency than ordinary storage tanks. Do thorough research on these tanks and make the right selection for your residential hot water system. 

Author Information –

This article is written by Latitude51 Solar, which specializes in providing residential and commercial solar water tanks including SolarStor water storage tanks with dual and single heat exchangers.