Why Evacuated Tube Solar Pool Heating Is the Best Option To Heat Your Pool

What’s the use of having a pool in your backyard which you can’t use because of the cold temperature of the pool water? Your investment behind building the swimming pool just goes to waste if you don’t use your pool. In order to make full use of your swimming pool you can install solar pool heating systems.

Solar panels & solar heating systems are great options for increasing pool temperatures by up to 15 degree’s without paying costly heating bills. Solar heating systems that feature safe & lightweight solar panels can be easily be installed for both above ground & in-ground type swimming pools thus drastically increasing your comfort and prolonging your swimming season way beyond the normal summer months.

Using a solar pool heating system to heat your outdoor swimming pool is an easy way to reduce your energy bills & keep your pool warm enough to swim all at the same time. Solar pool heating units are easy to set up & will last for years offering you with free solar hot water. Just as the home solar heating units, they can turn the massive energy of the sun into something very useful. 

Why evacuated tube systems are the highly efficient solar pool heating option?

An evacuated tube solar pool heating unit is capable of producing two times the heat per unit areas as a conventional flat plate panel unit. If inadequate roof area is an issue, then evacuated tube solar pool heaters are your best option. 

Evacuated tube solar pool heaters employ advanced technology to trap & tap the energy in sunlight, even when it is dim. That means they can still work pretty nicely even on cloudy days. 

Due to their high efficacy, evacuated tube solar pool heaters can keep your pool heated well into the winter months. 

Instead of circulating pool water via a string of heat-permeable tubes, evacuated tube solar pool heaters employ a competent titanium heat exchanger to transfer heat to the pool water. That means less power will be consumed to pump the water. 

Evacuated tubes are engineered to soak sunlight & to trap it. They boast a special liquid that changes to a hot gas when come in contact with the energy from sunlight. As soon as the liquid has vanished, it travels to the heat exchanger. Once the pool water absorb its energy, the substance re-liquefies and flows back into the tubes. The cycle is reiterated again and again. 

Without any doubt evacuated tube solar pool heaters are the most advanced and highly effective solar pool heating units available at present. 

If you have year-round pool use, be it for commercial or residential purposes, you need to look at the solar pool heating option. With the government incentives readily accessible to decrease heating costs & save carbon emissions to the environment, now is the time to consider solar pool heating option. Once you install an efficient solar pool heater, the free heat coming from the sun will heat your pool and extend the swimming season for year round enjoyment.

This article is written by Latitude51 Solar, which specializes in providing solar pool heaters pre-engineered and pre-packaged to deliver optimal efficiency and performance in the long run.