Why Is My Garage Door Not Opening? Know The Possible Reasons


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Are you observing that your garage door is not opening as it should be? Professional garage door repair in Virginia brings before you the possible reason for improper garage door functioning. They provide a better solution for the safe & accurate functioning of your garage door.

Definitely, the most complicated object in our house is the garage door. Throughout a year, they work thousands of times, yet occasionally they fail. When a garage door won’t open, serious problems may develop. The most obvious issue is an inconvenience, followed by safety and security. Electric and physical problems with garage doors fall into two primary groups. Let’s examine each of them individually.

Electromotive Factors

It is likely that your remote’s batteries need to be changed if the overhead door opens when you use the wall switch but won’t work with the remote.  That’s a pretty straightforward fix. If the batteries are running, but the door remains closed, then the opener probably has reprogrammed itself. Once more, synchronizing the door opener with the remote is simple.

Another potential problem that requires garage door repair is if there has been a power outage throughout the entire structure. If the controlling breaker for the door has been tripped or damaged then call a specialist.

Two other potential causes are more complicated to fix. Perhaps it will force you to call a professional garage door repair team. The problem is with the wall switch if you can open the door with the remote switch but not with it. Sometimes, older switches may get break down. The wires occasionally burn out. It is advisable to totally replace the switch with a new one that has in-built safety features. 

The other main fault appears when the electric outlet has power, the door remains closed and you also find that there’s no light. This strictly displays that the circuit board has gone bad. One of the most frequent things to damage circuit boards is lighting. Call a professional garage door repair in Virginia and substitute the entire circuit board. 

Physical Factors:

Commercial garage doors are frequently prone to damage from poorly maintained automobiles and improper handling of heavy machinery. If a door’s track may get bent due to intentional or unintentional impact. The bend tracks are not good and needs immediate repair. You may need to replace the entire track and part of the rollers, and align the door if the overhead door is unable to open owing to the bend.

Door cables are also affected by accidents and aging. Damaged cables might result in serious physical harm and prevent the door from opening.  Another significant problem is a broken torsion spring. Only an expert garage door repair in Virginia should replace or fix a broken overhead door spring. 


It is very essential for you to call the specialist to repair a broken garage door! Professional garage door repair in Virginia has enough years of experience in the industry. They can diagnose the issue in no time. They have got the expertise to provide you with on-time repairs and replacements proficiently. It’s quite easy for their qualified technicians to replace or repair the most hazardous parts in your garage door. For more information and immediate assistance regarding garage door repair, browse the website today or contact a reliable team right away. For professional garage door repair in Virginia, you might like to get in touch with ABC Garage Door Repairs anytime. For any queries, get in touch with them at (240) 465-0122!

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  1. Thanks for the valuable blog post about the possible reasons why a garage door might not be opening. Your detailed breakdown of electromotive and physical factors provides clear insights into common issues and emphasizes the importance of professional repair services. Highlighting the expertise needed for complex problems reinforces the value of seeking professional assistance for safe and effective solutions.

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