Why It Is Essential To Introduce A Server To Your Small Business

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With all the devices that your organization has, there are several possibilities to get topsy-turvy. With all of the desktops, laptops, iPads and phones, how can you be sure you’re keeping all your devices secure? How are you controlling all those logins and enforcing password policies? An excellent way to keep everything systematized is to consider buying a server. Really, any business with more than 3 employees should think about a server of some type, either cloud or on premises.

Servers have numerous roles to play in any IT network. Let’s discuss some of the most prevalent reasons for introducing a server to your small business.


There’re 2 sorts of computer users in this world, those who’ve lost data and those who’ll lose data. Well, that declaration isn’t totally correct. If you have a correctly configured and tested backup, you can surely stop data loss in any circumstance. A server plays a pivotal role in getting your business to that point. Relying upon your requirements, a cloud backup solution can help in making sure you never lose your data.

File sharing and security:

A server plays an important part in file access controls. Individuals can store private documents, share documents, permit reading only on specific documents, and several other critical functions. For instance, the sales team may only need access to the sales folder and not the management folder. A server can give permission to this.

Hosting applications:

A server is an absolute must if you wish to host on-premises applications like Quickbooks. Quickbooks, for instance, wasn’t designed with the internet in mind and if you try to do so you may corrupt the database of your Quickbooks and you can forget support from Intuit. But you’ve to ask, why not use Quickbooks online?

Poor internet connectivity is another reason to host applications on your own server. You don’t wish to lose access to your application every time the internet goes out, do you?

Windows Active Directory?

Does your small business manage any regulatory agencies?Many regulatory compliance needs a server in your environment. It’s practically improbable to fulfil the obligations delineated in compliance regulations without a domain controller. A server running domain controller functions will let you set password guidelines, layout audit trails, impose endpoint encryption, etc.

Purchasing a server is not enough, you also need proper server support service in New York to extend the life and efficiency of your server.  CompCiti’s server and network support solutions aids SMBs in New York City to reclaim time lost on minor IT procedures. Their IT experts ensure your network equipment, systems and applications are correctly provisioned, secured and optimized for utmost performance and reliability.


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