Why It is Wise To Use Premium Quality Purging Compound For Extruders

A Purging Compound is a product that many thermoplastic producers use to clean screws, nozzles, mould, hot runners or die of injection moulding machines and extruders. These compounds were created to reduce machine downtimes and scrap rates during material or colour changes as an alternative to purging with virgin resin.

You could try to wash your hands with only water. But, would that make sense when it comes to clean screws, nozzles, mould, hot runners or die of injection moulding machines and extruders? When it comes to any moulding process, the use of Purging Compounds is vital for keeping your machinery and tools clean and free of contamination. Purging Compounds have the formulation to remove any leftover material from the moulding process, making it easier to switch between different colours or materials without any loss in quality or efficiency.

Reduces Scrap: Eliminate the last production resins and colour residues effectively reducing the amount of waste produced. It will surely improve the productivity and efficiency of your manufacturing unit.

Reduces Downtime: Reduce the time wasted in resin changeovers. Do we need to mention the value of time in a production facility?

Eliminate Contamination: Their chemical components help you to remove carbon residues, colour streaks and gels during production changeovers. This reduces irksome machine stoppage during production and raises your manufacturing rejection rates.

Prevent Screw Pulls: Somehow, the contamination must be eliminated. At some point, you will need to remove the screw and perform a manual cleaning if you haven’t cleaned the machine thoroughly.

Reduce Rejection Rates: By cleaning the machine properly after a material/colour change or long shutdown, you will prevent product rejections by your quality team or awkward orders returned by your customer.

Cost-effective: Purging Compounds help you to decrease costs by reducing downtime and scrap during colour and material changes. Every element including material, labour, machine, scrap, customer satisfaction, lost output, and purge compound price must be taken into account while assessing this solution.

Components such as emulsifiers, abrasives, or foam agents are found in Purging Compounds, which hasten the process of clearing pollution from the barrel. They were created especially for this use. It’s just quicker and more effective than utilizing resins, which were intended to be moulded into a part rather than to force contaminants out of the system. Using premium quality Purging Compounds for Extruders from UNICLEANPLUS is a great way to save costs and time. It will reduce downtime, minimise waste, improve product quality, streamline your manufacturing process, and keep you stay ahead of the competition. So why not try a free UNICLEANPLUS Purging Compound sample today and experience the benefits for yourself?