Why to Prefer Custom Vehicle Wraps over Conventional Painting Method?

Custom vehicle wraps are considered as one of the most effective and perfect strategies of marketing a business. Let’s say you want to get a fresh paint on your work vehicle or want add the new logo of your brand to the vehicle a vehicle wrap is a better option than painting.

Are you confused in between having paint on your work vehicle or installing a vehicle wrap? Let us find out what all are the advantages of a custom vehicle wrap over an old fashioned painting procedure:

Advantages of Custom Vehicle Wraps over Conventional Painting

    1. Cost Effectiveness:

Custom vinyl vehicle wraps costs much less than that of a high quality painting. For an instance, if you want a customized logo on your vehicle custom painting costs more than a logo made using vehicle wrap.

    2. Time Saving:

It takes less time to install a full wrap than it does to paint a vehicle. It takes around two to three weeks to get back your vehicle when you are opting for painting of entire vehicle whereas it takes merely two to three days to install custom vehicle wraps.

    3. Better Durability:

Vehicle wraps are more durable than paints as vinyl is used which is laminated and hence protects the vehicle from UV rays so that it doesn’t fade away as quickly as the paint does. Also the vinyl wraps unlike paints are thick enough hence won’t get chip out or scratched easily.

    4. Easy Cleaning:

Simply washing the wraps with soap and water makes it look brand new whereas in case of painting one needs to apply waxing coats to make it look new. But one thing that needs to be taken care of i.e. hand washing the wraps as power washing can lift the wraps from the edges!

    5. Easy to Remove:

Removal of wraps is easier as well as it doesn’t hamper the original paint underneath. In case if you want to sell your vehicle you can simply peel off the wrap! The paint remains intact and the vehicle is ready for sale!

    6. Re-branding Costs Less:

If you are tired of the same color or if you want to replace the old logo with the new one then vinyl wraps are much more affordable than the painting. As in case of painting you will need to remove the entire paint which is both time taking as well as costly.

So if you are looking to make some changes to your work vehicle like adding a new color, adding new brand logo or a new design, or contact details, then go for custom vinyl vehicle wraps and have a hassle free and affordable service. But hiring a reliable and professional custom wrap service provider is highly recommended for a better service.

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