Why Your Computer Is Crashing Or Freezing Persistently

Computer Repair Service

Computer problems can be quite annoying, especially if it is shutting down or crashing on a regular basis. If left unattended, crashes can prompt file corruption, data losses, and even permanent damage. Identifying the root cause of the issue can save you from buying a new computer down the line. If you are not sure why your computer is crashing very often, here are a few common reasons that you may want to rule out.


All computers heat up to an extent while working. But, excessive heating can be the main culprit behind frequent computer freezes & crashes. Though your computer system or laptop is equipped with an in-built fan to prevent overheating, it is easy for food particles, dust and other compounds to get caught and make the fan stop working. If your PC or laptop lacks sufficient airflow, internal hardware get too hot, fails to work, and eventually crashes or shuts down.


Trojans, viruses and other unsolicited software can cause havoc on your OS. To rule this out as a probable cause, regularly run anti-malware software to identify any possible threats. If this is the main cause, crashes should stop happening once the malware is removed.

Hardware problems:

A defective hard drive can also be to blame if your computer is freezing or crashing regularly. Due to multiple rewrites, magnetic places can fast wear out, which ultimately make computer programs run intermittently or fall short to load properly. Though it is not often easy to detect hard drive problems, hearing frequent clicking sounds or observing re-booting errors can be a red flag. If  you are assuming this to be the main cause of your computer crashing or freezing problem or are not sure about it, look for professional computer support in New York City for an immediate fix.

Failing power supply:

If you have checked all the above mentioned aspects and found everything in the right order, then there may be an issue with your computer’s power supply. Inexplicable shutdowns & reboots can indicate a feeble power supply that isn’t conveying ample power to your machine. For many, this can occur after installing external hard drives that consume excessive power even from wrong handling.

Though we have covered most of the possible reasons why computers crash frequently, there are still many other reasons that only a professional computer support service technician can identify. For expert troubleshooting and computer support service in New York City, get in touch with your nearby computer and IT service provider now! With regular maintenance and service schedules, you can catch problems before your computer shuts down completely.

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