Willing To Launch Your Own Digital Store? Key Features To Look Into!

So, you have successfully launched your own digital store? Now, what’s next?

To put your strong presence in a competitive e-commerce world, online stores should have the right integrated features for the best customer navigation and experience. The cost, convenience, and cost-efficiency of e-commerce have prompted many companies to believe in ‘launch your own digital store’ and start expanding their business online. And while building an online store is a great way to grow your audience and adapt your business to meet the challenges of tomorrow, most companies are afraid of the costs or simply do not know how or where to start.

Also, with so many features available, which are the most important ones? Or which feature will make a big difference in your e-commerce store’s success?

But with RocketBuy, the concept of ‘launch your own digital store’ is as simple as this – 

1st: Create your product catalogue

2nd: Sell and promote online

3rd: Manage customers and orders

To be more precise and clear, first, add your products through RocketBuy app and create your online catalogue. Second, reach out to your customers by sharing store links over Whats App or social media channels. Third, start selling by running promotions, manage customers and orders from a single place.

Why ‘launch your own digital store’ through RocketBuy Is Easy?

It is because

  1. It takes zero investment to go online with Rocketbuy
  2. Promote online by selling over Whats App and other social media channels
  3. Get orders online by receiving and managing orders on Rocketbuy Merchant app
  4. Customers register on your store and place orders
  5. You can add products, upload images, set price, create your online store
  6. Check total sales, orders, customers

Must-have Features for a Successful Online Store

  • Mobile-friendly: Optimizing your website to mobile devices is one thing that you absolutely cannot miss. A major portion of people access websites, social media profiles, and other sites via their phones. If your website is not designed to be mobile-friendly, high chances are there that you could lose your potential customers.
  • High-responsiveness: It will only take minutes for your competitors to switch from your brand to your competitor’s. People expect your app/website to be easier and faster. If your application takes plenty of time to load, your users are likely to exit your site and choose some other found online store.
  • Easy Checkout: The shopping cart is where everything gets serious. Your customers make the crucial decision of either going through with buying the product or abandoning the cart. So, the first thing you should do is to make sure the checkout process is a breeze for every customer. Also, make sure that the checkout is safe and secure.

Digital stores are the present and future of shopping. With better and smarter features being implemented, you can take your business from scratch to sky-high. That is why businesses without an online presence will be challenging to generate revenue through sales. And with Rocketbuy’s instant and hassle-free creation of an online store, you will have greater chances of excelling within a competitive market.