Common garage door issue and professional support to trouble suit the issues

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Garage doors are the essential moving parts of your home that protect you and your possessions from threats. Unfortunately, over time, & use the condition of your garage door might deteriorate and invite some sudden damage as well! It is best to leave the job to a professional garage door technician in Silver Spring, MD, to handle such situations. They ensure that your garage door will stay in its excellent working condition at all times.

Here are some significant reasons why you necessitate the assistance of a professional to get the repairs done. Please read on!

The garage door makes vulgar sounds

The unwanted noise of a garage door indicates several issues like grinding or squeaking, rattling, popping. All such things happen due to damaged or insufficiently lubricated rollers. Applying lithium or silicone-based grease or replacing the wheel can be the answer to such grinding issues. Loose nuts, bolts, and screws on your garage door cause rattling issues. Tightening such hardware can bring a permanent solution to it. A damaged or loose torsion spring brings a popping sound to a garage door. Professional garage door repair assistance in Silver Spring, MD, is safe to deal with all such sounds.

Uneven garage door movements

If your door seems to remain uneven each time it operates, then there could be some blockage in the tracks. It could happen due to the faulty garage door springs(the torsion spring or extension springs). Ask the garage door expert in Silver Spring, MD, to have a look into the matter. Please take it as an opportunity and wipe down the tracks thoroughly.

The garage door won’t stop functioning

If your garage door refuses to budge, then it may happen due to defect connection or damage in the battery or defective opener remote and the keypad on it. No problem there? Call the expert garage door repair in Silver Spring, MD, right away. They will check each probable part to bring back the door’s smooth performance.

The garage door opens but stops closing

Such irregular behavior happens due to defective safety features. So first, ensure that they’re clean and aligned adequately; if your garage door opens slightly, close immediately to reflect a defect in the spring system. Then, call the experts for garage door repair to replace the things right away and make them function smoothly.

The garage door is opening slowly

Have you ever marked your garage door as opening slowly while executing its duties. It’s often happening due to defective rollers, or there is a dent in the tracks. Call the expert garage door repair, clean the track or repair the way or replace the wheel.

The garage door closes too fast

It reflects that your garage doors have a broken torsion spring or broken cables. Call the garage door repair right away and repair the spring system or lines if this is the case.

Ghost movements

Does your garage door get opened and closed on its own? If so, there’s nothing scary about this! It has several potential reasons, such as the button on one of your remote keypads, transmitters, or the wall control sticks, or there is an issue with the control wiring or the electric circuits. The readjustment of the opener’s limit and repairing the keys and electrical connections can be the trouble suiting solution.


Preventive measures at the right time are the best way to keep any mechanical parts running smoothly.  Sign up with a reliable garage door repair Silver Spring MD to avert garage door troubles that provide a specific maintenance program for your garage door. It will help you find a better solution that you won’t do yourself. The qualified garage door technicians will inspect and service your garage doors regularly. They ensure that no unexpected repairs are needed down the road. They offer quality repairs, cost-efficiency, saves a lot of time and energy, preventing the stress and chances of injuries. Call ABC Garage Doors and Repairs today for a free estimate on the garage door repair or replacement!

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