Is Your Garage Door Making Strange Noises? Time for a Repair?

Your garage door is a workhorse, diligently opening and closing each day. However, when it starts making strange noises, it’s often an indicator that something may be amiss. Ignoring these sounds can lead to more significant issues, potentially resulting in costly repairs. Let’s explore the common noises your garage door might make and why it’s crucial to address them promptly.

*1. Grinding or Scrapping Sounds: If you hear grinding or scraping noises when your garage door operates, it could indicate worn-out rollers or misaligned tracks. Over time, these issues can lead to increased friction, causing more extensive damage to the door’s components. Addressing these sounds promptly can prevent further wear and tear.

*2. Loud Banging or Popping: Loud banging or popping noises can be alarming and may suggest a problem with the torsion springs. These springs bear the weight of the garage door and facilitate its smooth operation. If a spring is broken or on the verge of breaking, it poses a safety risk and should be addressed immediately by professionals like Bwi Garage Doors.

*3. Clicking or Ticking Sounds: Clicking or ticking noises often emanate from the opener unit. It could signal loose hardware, a misalignment, or issues with the drive gears. Regular maintenance checks by Bwi Garage Doors can identify and resolve these problems before they lead to a complete breakdown.

*4. Squeaking or Screeching: Squeaking or screeching sounds are typically a cry for lubrication. Hinges, rollers, and other moving parts may require proper lubrication to ensure smooth and quiet operation. Regular maintenance from Bwi Garage Doors can keep your garage door well-lubricated and prevent these annoying sounds.

Conclusion – Trust Bwi Garage Doors for Prompt Repairs
In conclusion, strange noises from your garage door should never be ignored. They are early warning signs of potential issues that, if addressed promptly, can save you from more extensive and expensive repairs down the road. Trust Bwi Garage Doors to diagnose the cause of these noises accurately and provide efficient and effective repairs.

Whether you’re in Silver Spring MD or Gaithersburg MD, Bwi Garage Doors is your reliable partner for all your garage door repair needs. Don’t let unusual sounds become a symphony of malfunctions. Contact Bwi Garage Doors at the first sign of trouble, and let our experts restore your garage door’s smooth and quiet operation.

Choose the Correct Residential Door Repair & Replacement Service is Easy

If you face some problems with your garage doors, then you should not take any risk because it can prove accidental. You need to hire the right garage door service provider for your garage door repairs & replacement. There are plenty of garage door repair services available. You can search for them online & select the best residential door replacement in Arlington VA.

Quality door replacement services

Unlike other home improvement jobs around the home, replacing a brand-new part of a front door is not a do-it-yourself job. A single minor error can impact the quality and dependability of the installation. One of the reasons for replacing a part is likely for improved efficiency! So why risk making things worse? Consider the following factors To choose the right residential door replacement company.

Determine your financial plan – It is essential to establish a budget for garage door repairs. You must choose someone who can work within your budget. Search for “residential door replacement in Arlington, VA” online and ask for the quote from three to four best services. You have the option to compare their quotes to select a cost-effective one. Always consider the companies that offer 24×7 services and a warranty for their work. 

Ask About Previous Door Repair Projects: One of the best ways to choose a reliable door repair service in Arlington, VA, is by asking about their portfolio. How much experience do they have in fixing, changing, and setting up doors over the years? What kind of expertise do they have? How will they solve any issues with the installation? A confident, well-established residential door replacement company in Arlington, VA, can answer all questions in your mind. 

Verify the company’s details- You need to check the data of the companies before you employ them. You should check their online address and go to their office once. It will safeguard you against fraudulent activities.

Check their website- You should look at their website to understand their business type. Do not hire a residential door replacement in Arlington, VA, that has a bad website. You can also check their online status and read their feedback 

Seek recommendations- It is better to ask for recommendations from your friends and relatives to choose the right residential door replacement service. Make sure that you also check their certifications, check their details on the website. Hire a company that is accredited and has a good number of positive reviews. 

Don’t be influenced by the surroundings- You should stay away from such companies who are spending a lot on their ads. They may charge a huge cost for your garage door repair.

A comprehensive guide for selecting the Garage Door Repair services:

In addition to the aforementioned factors, it is imperative to thoroughly examine the following documents before selecting a garage door repair service: 

  • Before hiring, it is crucial to verify their license and certifications. 
  • Ensure that the garage door repair service provider possesses a valid insurance policy. It will protect you from any liability in the event of an accident occurring during their repairs. 
  • Verify their certifications and consider opting for companies that have been accredited by the local authority. 
  • Opt for a company that boasts a commendable reputation. 
  • It is essential to assess their level of experience and opt for a company that has a minimum of 5 years of experience.

Hopefully, these tips will help you choose a qualified and professional residential garage door replacement in Arlington, VA. Always trust your intuition and choose a reliable residential door replacement in Arlington, VA, for your garage door repairs. If you are uncomfortable with the repairman, then avoid hiring them for your garage door fix. Search for a garage door repair online based on the above-mentioned parameters. You can expect them to deliver the desired outcomes.

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This article is written by ABC Garage Door Repair- A leading garage door service provider specializing in providing a full range of garage door services at the best price.

Smart Solutions: Incorporating Technology into Garage Door Repairs

In an era where technology is seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, it’s no surprise that it has found its way into our homes. The realm of garage doors is no exception, and with the expertise of Bwi Garage Doors, residents in Lanham MD, Glenwood, and Greenbelt MD can experience smart solutions for their garage door repair needs. This blog explores the innovative ways technology is transforming the garage door repair landscape, enhancing both efficiency and convenience.

Smart Technology Integration:

1. Remote Diagnostics: Bwi Garage Doors leverages smart technology to conduct remote diagnostics for garage door issues. Through advanced monitoring systems, the technicians can assess the condition of your garage door without being physically present. This not only expedites the repair process but also allows for a quicker response to emergencies.

2. Mobile Apps for Control: With the installation of smart garage door openers, residents can control and monitor their garage doors through dedicated mobile apps. Bwi Garage Doors offers Garage Door Repair in Lanham MD that includes the integration of these smart openers, providing homeowners with the ability to open, close, and check the status of their garage doors remotely.

3. Real-time Notifications: Imagine receiving instant notifications on your smartphone about the status of your garage door. Whether it’s a successful closure or a potential issue detected, Bwi Garage Doors ensures that homeowners in Glenwood are well-informed through real-time notifications. This proactive approach enhances safety and security.

4. Smart Security Features: Greenbelt MD residents can benefit from the incorporation of smart security features in garage door repairs. Bwi Garage Doors offers services that include the installation of security cameras and smart locks, adding an extra layer of protection to your garage and, consequently, your home.

Bwi Garage Doors: Leading the Technological Wave: Bwi Garage Doors has established itself as a leader in the integration of smart technology into garage door repairs. For residents in Lanham MD, the company offers not just repairs but a glimpse into the future of home automation. With remote diagnostics and smart control options, the repair process becomes more efficient and tailored to the specific needs of each client.

In Glenwood, where homeowners seek a seamless blend of technology and functionality, Bwi Garage Doors delivers. The incorporation of mobile apps and real-time notifications ensures that residents stay connected with their garage doors, providing a sense of control and peace of mind.

For those in Greenbelt MD, security is a top priority. Bwi Garage Doors goes beyond traditional repairs by integrating smart security features. From smart locks to surveillance systems, homeowners can rest assured that their garage doors are equipped with the latest in security technology.

Conclusion: As technology continues to evolve, so does the landscape of garage door repairs. Bwi Garage Doors stands at the forefront of this evolution, offering smart solutions that redefine convenience and security. Residents in Lanham MD, Glenwood, and Greenbelt MD can trust Bwi Garage Doors for cutting-edge garage door repairs that seamlessly integrate technology into the heart of their homes. Embrace the future of garage door repairs with Bwi Garage Doors and experience a new level of smart living.

Is It Possible To Have Garage Door Repair In Washington DC Through DIY Means?

Trying DIY ventures to, have garage door repair in Washington DC leads to more damage and danger than solving the actual problems.

There is nothing as wrong as a broken or non-functional garage door in Washington DC. You use it consistently to get in and out of your home on numerous occasions every day. However, if it is not working as expected, you might be stuck inside or outside the garage.

Given the extent of the bother a messed-up garage door can cause, you may end up contemplating whether you can perform garage door fixes yourself. Although, overall, many online instructional exercises give a bit-by-bit breakdown of what you need to do, is not that so? It is not so.

Beneath, we will clarify three reasons why it is ideal to have professional garage door repair in Washington DC. First, contact a reputed and reliable garage door repair and installation organization in Washington DC on the off chance that you need repairs or installation of a new garage door.

Three Reasons You Need to Call a Garage Door Company for Repairs or Installation


Most importantly, it is consistently to your greatest advantage to contact a garage door organization instead of performing fixes yourself because of how broken garage doors regularly represent a danger. For example, a spring snapping or a door falling suddenly can cause genuine injury and even death. In addition, the various issues could turn out badly during the time spent attempting to fix the entryway all alone.

There is likewise the security of your family to consider. On the off chance that you perform fixes alone, it is impossible to be sure that you have done them accurately. The thing you do not want is for the door to collapse while operating or with someone inside the garage.


If we keep the security concerns to the side, it is wise to call a garage door organization for fixes because they will have the parts needed to fix the door appropriately. Many garage door segments require unique parts that you should request through a provider and assuming you presently do not have them available; you will probably need to wait for that when the shipment arrives. Furthermore, as we referenced before, calling a trained professional will guarantee that the parts are genuine, introduced, and quality checked for long-term use.


At face value, repairs tackle one issue: the fact that your garage door has damage. Notwithstanding, they are genuinely tackling the entirety of the gradually expanding influence issues that messed-up garage door brings forward. The burdens caused will change as indicated by your conditions. However, lost time is perhaps the most widely recognized concern we hear from customers. For example, in the cold weather months, they need to invest more energy scratching their vehicles and warming them before they can take their children to class or leave for work; on the off chance that they live in a space without road parking, they might need to park a few streets from their home.

On the off chance that you put wellbeing concerns away and attempt to play out the fixes yourself, you are putting time and energy into the work, which removes time from your leisure activities, family, and individual vacation. Besides, the fixes are just a temporary fix, and there is extra harm that you could not analyze all alone. Then, at that point, you will either need to contribute additional time to discover some new information or essentially call a garage door repair professional. This implies that you end up in a problem where you have put both time and cash into the work.

About the author

BWI Garage Doors believe that calling an expert from the beginning is the ideal approach to guarantee that your garage door has rapid and accurate repairs. So in the case of a broken garage door, call them at +1888-388 -1847 and know more about how they can help you, including having the best garage door installation in Washington DC.

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Common Garage Door Installation Mistakes Most Homeowners Make

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a seasoned DIYer, some projects need expertise. And one of those projects is garage door installation in Hyattsville MD. Making even small mistakes during installation could impact door alignment, cause damage to garage door components, or cause fatal injuries.

To help you avoid costly & dangerous mistakes when installing overhead doors, we have shortlisted some of the common errors committed by DIYers. Take a few minute & read this post before you start your garage door installation project.

Selecting wrong overhead door:

Apart from pleasing others, if you select the correct garage door, you will save yourself much exacerbation. While shopping for a new door, you will come across multiple choices. Some styles swing outward, whereas other slide right-to-left, or roll-up. The majority of homeowners favour the overhead sectional garage doors for many reasons, including:

  • Adequate clearance for cars
  • Easy to pair with garage door openers
  • Available in different attractive styles

Going cheap and regret later:

Take your new overhead door installation as an investment. It not just add functionality, but also add to the overall value of your house. One mistake usually committed while choosing the new door is thinking of price only.

While there is nothing wrong with staying on budget, you do get what you pay for when it comes to garage doors. Being said that, the cost does not always describe quality, but going for the door with lowest price could decrease your ROI & turn your garage door into a liability afterward. Never hesitate to spend a little more upfront and ensure your door will last longer & demand lesser repairs.

Poor garage door opener placement:

Another common blunder homeowners usually make while doing their garage door installation in Hyattsville MD is wrong placement of the garage door opener. The door will not work properly when you connect the opener in the wrong place. Sometimes homeowners connect the door opener to one side. When they do this, they will see the door twists every time it opens.

Failing to check the track system:

Another way to avoid future garage door repair is installing the track assembly properly. The tracks on a garage door guide & give support. If you make mistakes while installing the track assembly, you may end up with a misaligned garage door – which causes many issues – some of them are life-threatening. In the worst case scenario, the door may get off balance and falls off the track to cause severe injury.

Be it garage door installation or garage door repair in Hyattsville MD, to be on the safer side you always want to take professional help instead of doing it yourself.

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Common garage door issue and professional support to trouble suit the issues

Garage doors are the essential moving parts of your home that protect you and your possessions from threats. Unfortunately, over time, & use the condition of your garage door might deteriorate and invite some sudden damage as well! It is best to leave the job to a professional garage door technician in Silver Spring, MD, to handle such situations. They ensure that your garage door will stay in its excellent working condition at all times.

Here are some significant reasons why you necessitate the assistance of a professional to get the repairs done. Please read on!

The garage door makes vulgar sounds

The unwanted noise of a garage door indicates several issues like grinding or squeaking, rattling, popping. All such things happen due to damaged or insufficiently lubricated rollers. Applying lithium or silicone-based grease or replacing the wheel can be the answer to such grinding issues. Loose nuts, bolts, and screws on your garage door cause rattling issues. Tightening such hardware can bring a permanent solution to it. A damaged or loose torsion spring brings a popping sound to a garage door. Professional garage door repair assistance in Silver Spring, MD, is safe to deal with all such sounds.

Uneven garage door movements

If your door seems to remain uneven each time it operates, then there could be some blockage in the tracks. It could happen due to the faulty garage door springs(the torsion spring or extension springs). Ask the garage door expert in Silver Spring, MD, to have a look into the matter. Please take it as an opportunity and wipe down the tracks thoroughly.

The garage door won’t stop functioning

If your garage door refuses to budge, then it may happen due to defect connection or damage in the battery or defective opener remote and the keypad on it. No problem there? Call the expert garage door repair in Silver Spring, MD, right away. They will check each probable part to bring back the door’s smooth performance.

The garage door opens but stops closing

Such irregular behavior happens due to defective safety features. So first, ensure that they’re clean and aligned adequately; if your garage door opens slightly, close immediately to reflect a defect in the spring system. Then, call the experts for garage door repair to replace the things right away and make them function smoothly.

The garage door is opening slowly

Have you ever marked your garage door as opening slowly while executing its duties. It’s often happening due to defective rollers, or there is a dent in the tracks. Call the expert garage door repair, clean the track or repair the way or replace the wheel.

The garage door closes too fast

It reflects that your garage doors have a broken torsion spring or broken cables. Call the garage door repair right away and repair the spring system or lines if this is the case.

Ghost movements

Does your garage door get opened and closed on its own? If so, there’s nothing scary about this! It has several potential reasons, such as the button on one of your remote keypads, transmitters, or the wall control sticks, or there is an issue with the control wiring or the electric circuits. The readjustment of the opener’s limit and repairing the keys and electrical connections can be the trouble suiting solution.


Preventive measures at the right time are the best way to keep any mechanical parts running smoothly.  Sign up with a reliable garage door repair Silver Spring MD to avert garage door troubles that provide a specific maintenance program for your garage door. It will help you find a better solution that you won’t do yourself. The qualified garage door technicians will inspect and service your garage doors regularly. They ensure that no unexpected repairs are needed down the road. They offer quality repairs, cost-efficiency, saves a lot of time and energy, preventing the stress and chances of injuries. Call ABC Garage Doors and Repairs today for a free estimate on the garage door repair or replacement!

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This article is written by ABC Garage Door Repair- a leading garage door repair service in Silver Spring, MD, that provides prompt garage door repair at an affordable yet competitive price!

Top 5 Most Important Component of a Garage Door

Though garage door systems are not the most complex things on the earth, but at the same time they are not just a door & electric opener either. Modern overhead door units are made up of more than a dozen of different vital components and any one of them can affect the operation & safety of your garage door.

Let’s talk about some of the most important components of a garage door:


This is the component we all know, the huge box mounted above your car that miraculously elevates the door up, just with the pressing a button. Garage door openers are also the most complicated of all the overhead door parts and are the mere component of the system that needs electricity & a tiny computer (logic board) inside it to run. There’re several opener brands, but under the hood they all have the same basic components, including a motor unit, logic board, gear, chain, radio receiver and others. When all these components are in excellent state they’ll work together and give you with that perfect operation that we all love so much.


Springs are the metal coils that perform the heavy lifting in raising or lowering your overhead door. Springs avail in 2 varieties: torsion & extension. Torsion springs are the most common & sit above your overhead door. Extension springs run along the top part of the track on each side. Torsion springs acquire their energy from being twisted, whereas extension springs receive their energy by being stretched.

While both spring types are very safe from a distance, they can be pretty risky up close. It is always recommended to call your local garage door experts for any springs that require installation, servicing or repair.



Just as a railroad track, the track in your overhead door is what keeps everything moving in the correct direction. The track houses the rollers and guides the garage door as it lifts & lowers.


Rollers move along the track and let the door move smoothly when raising or lowering. Rollers are usually made from nylon or steel and can affect the amount of noise your system makes.

Safety sensors:

All garage door openers manufactured since 1992 have infrared safety sensors that can perceive if something is in the trail of the door and prevent it from closing on pets, people or objects. The sensors are usually tiny boxes and they’re installed less than six inches off the ground, one on each side of the door.

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Whenever these aforementioned components of your overhead door stop working properly, you need prompt garage door repair in Langley from a reputable service provider. This way you can make sure your garage door run at its best for years.

How to Handle a Noisy Garage Door

Your dishwasher perhaps makes noise, as do your washing machine & dryer, but your garage door is one that thing shouldn’t be on the noisy side.

A noisy garage door is so annoying that you might get tempted to climb up there & lubricate it yourself. Or worse – to actually try mechanical repair to shut the darn thing up. While we at BWI Garage Doors totally understand your frustrations, we always recommend to get professional garage door repair in Gaithersburg MD to resolve your noisy garage door worries.

DIY repair can be risky:

Tackling a large machine like a garage door is dangerous for the inexperienced. Though your overhead door may feel light that is because your garage door cables and springs do most of the heavy lifting. In reality, your overhead door can weigh more than a hundred pounds, so don’t try to mess with it if you don’t know what you are actually trying to do.

Avoid causing extra damage to your garage door:

Even by trying to do something as straight forward as lubricating you could make things worse. Applying WD40 to your door – what might be your 1st step if you are not a garage door specialist- can actually make things louder if it is used wrongly. Oil is also not the best of option, as it attracts gravel that can weaken mechanical components over time.

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You may require a replacement part or a complete new garage door:

Many noisy garage door issues are not simple repairs. Do you know anything regarding installing a garage door spring? How about a garage door track?

Certainly, noisy overhead doors are usually the upshot of some very complex problems. Garage repair is generally a large-scale project that you require to take considerable time off of work to handle, or otherwise carve out precious weekend time.

Only a personal consultation with a reputable garage door service will let you know if you require garage door repair or installation.

While your door still may be able to function just all right with a couple things loose, the issue is still awful. When things are not secured, your door cannot work as it was designed to, something that significantly augments the risk of other components breaking down.

Fortunately, loose parts are simple to fix by a garage door expert. And it is quick, as well! As many garage door firms provide same-day service, you will get your peace of mind back in no time.