Top 5 Most Important Component of a Garage Door

Though garage door systems are not the most complex things on the earth, but at the same time they are not just a door & electric opener either. Modern overhead door units are made up of more than a dozen of different vital components and any one of them can affect the operation & safety of your garage door.

Let’s talk about some of the most important components of a garage door:


This is the component we all know, the huge box mounted above your car that miraculously elevates the door up, just with the pressing a button. Garage door openers are also the most complicated of all the overhead door parts and are the mere component of the system that needs electricity & a tiny computer (logic board) inside it to run. There’re several opener brands, but under the hood they all have the same basic components, including a motor unit, logic board, gear, chain, radio receiver and others. When all these components are in excellent state they’ll work together and give you with that perfect operation that we all love so much.


Springs are the metal coils that perform the heavy lifting in raising or lowering your overhead door. Springs avail in 2 varieties: torsion & extension. Torsion springs are the most common & sit above your overhead door. Extension springs run along the top part of the track on each side. Torsion springs acquire their energy from being twisted, whereas extension springs receive their energy by being stretched.

While both spring types are very safe from a distance, they can be pretty risky up close. It is always recommended to call your local garage door experts for any springs that require installation, servicing or repair.



Just as a railroad track, the track in your overhead door is what keeps everything moving in the correct direction. The track houses the rollers and guides the garage door as it lifts & lowers.


Rollers move along the track and let the door move smoothly when raising or lowering. Rollers are usually made from nylon or steel and can affect the amount of noise your system makes.

Safety sensors:

All garage door openers manufactured since 1992 have infrared safety sensors that can perceive if something is in the trail of the door and prevent it from closing on pets, people or objects. The sensors are usually tiny boxes and they’re installed less than six inches off the ground, one on each side of the door.

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Whenever these aforementioned components of your overhead door stop working properly, you need prompt garage door repair in Langley from a reputable service provider. This way you can make sure your garage door run at its best for years.