How to Handle a Noisy Garage Door

Your dishwasher perhaps makes noise, as do your washing machine & dryer, but your garage door is one that thing shouldn’t be on the noisy side.

A noisy garage door is so annoying that you might get tempted to climb up there & lubricate it yourself. Or worse – to actually try mechanical repair to shut the darn thing up. While we at BWI Garage Doors totally understand your frustrations, we always recommend to get professional garage door repair in Gaithersburg MD to resolve your noisy garage door worries.

DIY repair can be risky:

Tackling a large machine like a garage door is dangerous for the inexperienced. Though your overhead door may feel light that is because your garage door cables and springs do most of the heavy lifting. In reality, your overhead door can weigh more than a hundred pounds, so don’t try to mess with it if you don’t know what you are actually trying to do.

Avoid causing extra damage to your garage door:

Even by trying to do something as straight forward as lubricating you could make things worse. Applying WD40 to your door – what might be your 1st step if you are not a garage door specialist- can actually make things louder if it is used wrongly. Oil is also not the best of option, as it attracts gravel that can weaken mechanical components over time.

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You may require a replacement part or a complete new garage door:

Many noisy garage door issues are not simple repairs. Do you know anything regarding installing a garage door spring? How about a garage door track?

Certainly, noisy overhead doors are usually the upshot of some very complex problems. Garage repair is generally a large-scale project that you require to take considerable time off of work to handle, or otherwise carve out precious weekend time.

Only a personal consultation with a reputable garage door service will let you know if you require garage door repair or installation.

While your door still may be able to function just all right with a couple things loose, the issue is still awful. When things are not secured, your door cannot work as it was designed to, something that significantly augments the risk of other components breaking down.

Fortunately, loose parts are simple to fix by a garage door expert. And it is quick, as well! As many garage door firms provide same-day service, you will get your peace of mind back in no time.